Is this draining you?

Is this draining you?

I felt pissed. Wronged. Cheated.
I’ll tell you the very short version of the story.

I purchased a form of insurance with a half marathon registration so that if I became injured my registration would be refunded (and, well, I got injured).  

This “insurance company” started to look like one big fraud. No matter what I did, my application was rejected. I was so pissed.

I wanted to fight and WIN.

How my huge screw up turned into something amazing

How my huge screw up turned into something amazing

Ever have one of those moments where you think that you’re on top of everything and then… you realize you’re wrong?

This happened to me for one of the biggest assignments in my Master Coach Training program.

We were to write a magazine article that would be read by Martha Beck herself—you know, O Columnist and author of books that profoundly impacted my life—AND receive her feedback. 

No biggie.

Walking through grief

Walking through grief

I've walked through grief several times in my life.

The first time was when I was eight-years-old and suddenly lost my grandpa. I still miss him to this day.

Another time was in my mid-twenties when I lost a close friend to Leukemia. I never thought she would die. 

Recently, I made the walk through grief again. 

This time was a pregnancy loss. 

We were expecting our second child. I was due in late April, which happened to coincide precisely with the pregnancy one of my best friends. I was so excited. Having babies at the same time! A new member of the family! Olivia is going to be a big sister! 

3 Steps to Elevate Your Mindset

3 Steps to Elevate Your Mindset

When the calendar turns over to a new year I feel a sense of new beginnings and dream about what I want to create, do, or change in my life for this year. 

I write down my goals. 

I create a plan. 

I get excited.

Then... I begin to doubt. 

"That's too big. It probably won't happen." 

"How in the hell would I accomplish that?" 

"Where am I going to find the time to do this?" 

Crappy thoughts that become roadblocks to dreams. 

We all have them.