Being hard on yourself? Try this.

For the last few weeks we’ve been talking about the magic of recovery, including how to create a recovery plan and tips for creating more ease with sleep. If you’ve missed them, be sure to click the links to catch up!


Recovery is not just about the physical body. 

If you feel stressed because you’re believing you’re not getting enough done…

If you fear that you might suck as a business owner…

If being a parent has felt so, so, so hard… 

If you were brave and now feel a shame spiral for a mistake you made… 

This is when “ego recovery” will help.

Sometimes, it can feel like our ego has taken over and is driving our every thought.  

The ego is mind-based, fear-driven, and famously says things like “not enough,”things could go wrong,” and “I made a mistake.” 

The ego can make us feel less than others or fear being seen as better than others. 

“Ego recovery” means nourishing your mind and spirit to return to a state of knowing it’s all good. 

Let’s practice the recovery tool of positive self-talk and self-compassion. 

Here’s how: 

  1. What is the KINDEST THINGS you can say to yourself: If you feel an ego attack there’s a good chance that you’re being hard on yourself. First things first, think of the KINDEST THING you can say to yourself. Your ego is not being kind, but your Inner Being is ALWAYS kind, so reach for that voice and repeat it to yourself.

  1. Be your own coach: If you had someone by your side cheering you on, questing your limiting beliefs, and helping you focus on what's possible throughout the day, what would they say to you? Say this to yourself. 

  1. If you knew everything was working in your FAVOR: Everything is working in your favor, even when that seems impossible. If you believed it, even for a second,what would you say to yourself? Say this to yourself now. 

The goal is to help you feel BETTER, more compassionate toward yourself, and more aligned with your higher-self. If you don’t feel an emotional difference right away, that’s okay.

Keep practicing.

These practices take PRACTICE.

Keep reaching for kind things to say to yourself that will move the emotional needle toward ease.


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