Last week we talked about how the key to going where you want to go is knowing the feeling state you’re ultimately going after. 

So, hopefully, now you know the feeling state you want, like the feeling of freedom

Or, abundant. (Let’s get it.) 

Empowered. (Hell yes.) 

Okay, now, in order to get there, think of it like driving a car. 

If you’re cruising down the freeway and realize that you need to take the next exit, like, NOW, what do you do? 

You probably BRAKE, right? You turn. You probably ACCELERATE too. 

So for instance, if your target is feeling freedom and abundance then continue playing with ways to feel more freedom and abundance in your life. 

GREAT! That’s like accelerating. 

Hmmm… what about the brakes? 

You also have gotta put the BRAKES on speaking your ugh-feeling self-doubts OUT LOUD (I'm talking about blah-level. If it's paralyzing fear, that's different(!), and there's help for you). 

Negative thinking is powerful, but negative thinking said out loud is literally 10X more powerful.  

Sports performance pros know this and use the “brakes” technique all of the time. In fact, the first thing that mental conditioning coach, Trevor Moawad, did to improve the performance of the professional athletes he worked with was to have them, as he put it, “Stop saying stupid shit out loud.” 

In other words, he had them “put the brakes on” and stop saying anything negative about the team or their performance out loud.  

For example, stop saying things out loud like: 

“I don’t have time to take care of myself.” 

“I can’t do what I really want to do.”  

"I just gotta get shit done."

If you do say something like this, BRAKE & TURN! 

Remind yourself that these doubts are fear-based. These types of thoughts are easy to believe in our culture, but they’re not true.  

So my question is: When you consider the desired feeling state that you want, what brakes might you need to push to help you get there? 

What are you going to stop saying about yourself out loud? 

Do this one thing and you’ll be on your way to driving in the direction you want. 


Take care,


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