­čîčEmbracing Your Sacred Quest

Is there something you’re doing – be it a client you’re working with, an adventure you signed up for, or a relationship you’re in – that just doesn’t feel right?  


Let me take a step back for a sec. 


A few months back, I was all set to run another marathon, fueled by the excitement of exploring my running potential and challenging an old narrative I have about myself. My target this go around was a Boston Marathon qualifying finish time. I nervously registered for the St. George Marathon in Utah this coming October. 


But then “life” happened. 


A lot of unexpected twists and turns unfolded, including the experience of our family trip to Maui during the fires. It was a traumatic event for all of us and, initially, I thought running would support my healing. 


Yeah… there was that idea but… my body had a different plan. It spoke loud and clear: "No more marathon training." It just didn't feel right. So, I transferred from the full marathon to the half marathon. 


I tried to keep going, but it still didn’t feel right. 


This is what many of us often do, right? 


WE TRY TO KEEP GOING with the job, the relationship, the business strategy that seems “smart” or that we’ve been told will “work” but it just doesn’t feel right.


That’s your inner wisdom speaking to you. 


I realized that this race wasn’t about actually accomplishing anything. It’s about something deeper and more profound—it’s a sacred quest to explore the wisdom within me, the earth, and this journey.


Once I shifted my gaze from a “run” to my sacred quest, the journey to Utah came alive for me again. 


Life can come alive again when we look within to what our inner guidance is saying.


Challenges and obstacles, or the things that just don’t feel right, are opportunities to delve deeper into our own souls, to understand who we truly are and what we desire in this beautiful journey we call life.


So, that thing you don’t want to do anymore? 


That’s an invitation for a sacred quest. 


That job you’re afraid of leaving? 


A sacred quest awaits. 


That parenting method that doesn’t feel right to you?


You know it already… Sacred. Quest. 


Sacred quests invite us to let go, and surrender to forces greater than ourselves. It's about connecting with the earth, seeking guidance from within, and tapping into a profound wisdom that tells us we are destined for something more. 


I invite you, my friend, to ponder upon your own life right now. 


Is there something that doesn't quite feel right? Look closely at what's meant to fade away, what you're supposed to let go of, and what awaits you on the other side of surrender.


If there is, share it with me. I’d love to hear. 


Let's all embrace the sacred quests that life presents us, knowing that they hold the key to our deepest, wisest selves and a journey filled with unexpected treasures.


With love and shared adventure,

Sarah ­čî┐­čîä


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