Ever ask yourself this?

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Do you ever have a case of “Who am I . . . to want this / have this / be this?” ?

Like, you think of your dream house and then stop yourself and think, “yeah, but who am I to have a house like that?”

Or, you think of raising your rates or asking for a salary increase and think, “yeah, but who am I to be asking for that much?”

OR, you embrace EASE, maybe working less and making more, and think, “who in the hell am I to be doing LESS and making MORE?”

Sarah, who are you not to have those things? It is only the egoic mind that says “who am I?” suggesting that you’re somehow less than someone, or will be seen as better than others. You’re not less than or better than anyone.

And, the thought in your head that asks, “who am I?” that’s not you. You’re not that thought. AND, you’re not the house you live in, or your income, job title, or car that you drive. You’re WAY MORE than all of those things combined. You -- in your core -- are a glorious BEING connected to all of life.

A piece of the Divine inhabiting your body, with your personality, experiencing all that life has to offer, and making magic on this earth for a little while. So, who are you NOT to experience your dreams? Who are you NOT to experience awe, wonder, excitement, joy, thrill, appreciation and love?

You, my friend, are worthy of it all NOW. You don’t need to "earn" it or work hard to "deserve" these feelings.

Whether you experience these feelings from the smell of a rose, the glow of a sunrise, an expansive view of rolling hills, or by getting the keys to your new house!

Let me say it again, you are worthy of it all -- from roses to boats -- you are worthy.

So, if the voice in your head asks, “who am I?” say back to it… “who am I NOT to enjoy this incredible, miraculous, magical life? Who am I not?”

Xo Sarah Papp.png