Finding Peace

Didn't life feel differently a month ago?

On March 11th it seems like we went from a Coronavirus outbreak to a Global Pandemic overnight. 

Over the last few weeks, we started social distancing and wearing masks. Learning how to homeschool and work from home. Or, file for unemployment. We’ve seen businesses close their doors, knowing that they may not open again. And, toilet paper is still hard to come by.

Many of us have felt our PRIMAL survival instincts take over and have been overwhelmed by what we’re facing and what’s next.

But, we can still find Ease during this Global Pandemic.

We can. And we will. And I’ll be here to help you do it.

Today, I want to remind you about the WORLDS we live in.

Yes, I did say WORLDS, because there’s actually two: Your outer world and your inner world

Your OUTER world is what you can see, smell, taste, touch, and hear. It’s physical in nature. It’s your workload, the numbers on the news, homeschooling, even the virus itself. Most of us focus our attention on our outer world because it’s up in our face and normal to do so.  

Your INNER world is what you’re experiencing inside you. This world is all about how you think and feel. It’s how you REACT to your workload, kids at home, or the numbers on the news. This inner world is where many of us are feeling afraid, overwhelmed, and anxious.

It's where we sometimes feel out of control, but we actually have more control in our inner world than we often realize.  

Because, despite what's happening in our outer world, we can find PEACE and INNER GUIDANCE in our inner world. 

Peace, EASE, wellbeing, and guidance reside within you. And you can access all of it no matter what is happening in our outer world.

One of my favorite analogies to describe this is to imagine the ocean. At the surface, there may be a raging storm, but when you sink deep within there’s stillness. There’s peace. 

Our outer world is the surface of the ocean and right now it looks like a raging storm, but deep within you, there’s a quiet, still, space that knows all is well and all will be well. This space is not thinking about the future or replaying the past. It’s present in this very moment -- right NOW.  

Sinking down and connecting to that space of stillness, peace, and ease will help calm the mind and body, but funny enough, it’s easier to access this space when the body is calm. 

Sounds like a Catch22, doesn’t it? 

It’s okay. Let’s get started with a few steps to calm the body and then see if you can go deep within and sense that space where peace and ease are hanging out. 

  1. Find a quiet place that feels safe and cozy to you. Grab a blanket and pillow if it helps. 

  2. Sit quietly and breathe. Focus your full attention on your breathing. 

  3. Focus on this moment. Are you physically safe? Can you find wellbeing at this moment (perhaps in your breath or your hands)? 

  4. Say out loud to yourself, “I am physically safe.” (repeat several times)

  5. If there is any part of your body that feels anxious or tight, point your focus on it and repeat the word, “PEACE.” 

Did you feel like you sunk beneath the surface of the ocean a little bit? Even if you felt the slightest difference, that’s awesome. 

Do this as a daily, or several times a day, practice to calm your body and focus your attention on your inner world. More than ever, this is the time to be focusing your attention on your INNER WORLD knowing that PEACE, EASE, WELLBEING, and GUIDANCE are within you.


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