It’s alright. We can find Ease during a Pandemic.

Didn't life feel differently a week ago?

It seems like we went from a Coronavirus outbreak to a Global Pandemic overnight. 

Now, we’re social distancing. Schools are closing. People are working from home. The stock market is plunging, and you can’t even buy toilet paper at Costco! 

And none of us have EVER experienced this before in our lifetime. 

It can be really scary and overwhelming. Many of us are feeling our PRIMAL survival instincts firing up, and then we're preparing, imagining what's next, and trying to keep calm and carry on.  

So, how in the hell can we find EASE when we’re in the middle of a Global PANDEMIC?

We can. And we will. And I’ll be here to help you do it.

Today, let’s talk about the worlds we live in. 

Yes, I did say WORLDS, because there’s actually two: Your outer world and your inner world

Your outer world is what you can see, smell, taste, touch, and hear. It’s physical in nature. It’s the crazy line at Costco, the news, schools being closed, even the virus itself. Most of us focus our attention on our outer world because it’s up in our face and normal to do so.  

Your inner world is what you’re experiencing inside you. This world is all about how you think and feel. It’s how you REACT to the crazy line, the bare shelves, and the schools closing. This inner world is where many of us are feeling afraid, overwhelmed, and anxious.

It's where we sometimes feel out of control, but we actually have more control in our inner world than we often realize.  

Because, despite what's happening in our outer world, we can find peace in our inner world. 

Yeah, PEACE. Big time PEACE. A peace that may not make sense to your mom or the rest of the outer world, but it makes sense to your inner world. 

Peace, EASE, and wellbeing reside within you, and we can FIND it even when the outer world seems like chaos.

One of my favorite analogies to describe this is to imagine the ocean. At the surface, there may be a raging storm, but when you sink deep within there’s stillness. There’s peace. 


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