It's not what you think.


Okay, so I posted last week about finding Ease in challenges and I got some questions about it. People wanted to understand how doing hard things could help you find Ease. It’s not what you think. 

Sometimes life feels like one great big challenge, right? We default to building this never-ending to-do list to try to get it all done and be everything and do all the things and it’s a drain. That is hard.

That’s not the type of challenge I’m talking about, though.

The type of challenge I’m talking about to create Ease is more about doing what feels right to your soul, even if your mind argues with you about it. 

It might look like creating a “Don’t Do List” and sticking to it, learning to be okay with doing less.

The challenge I’m talking about is learning to recognize that mean voice in our head telling us we need to keep doing everything and that it’s all on us, then telling that voice that we love it but it can just freaking chill. We’re going to cut ourselves some slack and be okay with not doing all the things.

Sometimes the challenge is in communicating “this doesn’t work for me” (AKA: creating BOUNDARIES) and sticking with them. It can feel hard. It can feel ballsy. It can feel risky. It can feel scary. And doing that is absolutely a challenge.

The type of challenge I’m talking about is finding the courage to do the opposite of our default mode. It‘s about recognizing that the go-go-go mindset that we’ve developed to try to keep up in our fast-paced lives isn’t truly serving us and setting out on a new path.

The challenges that will help you find Ease support your well-being even when it feels unfamiliar and risky. That’s a challenge to lean into, to recognize that breaking away from that default mode makes you a badass.

That’s the hard thing.

That’s the challenge.

Sometimes it means taking on challenges like trying something new and scary that offers the potential for personal growth. This can make you feel ALIVE. 

Other times, it means slowing down and leaning into the practice of Ease, which might be the harder thing. Those harder things might be talking to yourself kindly, having boundaries, saying ‘No’, and doing less. 

That’s where you’ll find more Ease in doing that hard thing: taking on the challenge to take the next step toward more well-being.




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