Knowing what you want isn’t the key to manifestation…

Okay, so maybe you know what you want. You’ve heard someone on a podcast talk about travel and abundance and you’re like, “yes, that!” or you’ve visualized an amazing partner in a meditative state or you’ve simply felt the yearning for what you want.

There's often a focus, particularly in traditional life and performance coaching on goal setting and knowing what you want in terms of measurable outcomes, which is great. 

If you know that you want, let's say $10,000, that's a measurable outcome, or if you know that you want a certain percentage of business growth, measurable outcome. 

We’re told to make SMART goals as though knowing the ‘what’ is the most important element of goal setting.

But in anything that we are wanting, whether it's money or to look a certain way, or to have business growth, it's always because we believe that we will feel better in the having of it. 

We’re not actually going after the end result. 

In the end, we are going after a feeling state. 

That’s why you can accomplish a goal and maybe feel great for, like, a minute (or sometimes not at all!) and then feel like crap because the goal is done and you don’t know what the next target is for you. 

So that's also why I talk a lot about knowing what your target feeling state is because when you have your target feeling state, you know where you actually want to go. 

Then, you can begin to guide your mindset, your actions, and your feelings into alignment with that feeling. 

So for instance, if you want to feel more wealthy and abundant in your life, your target is the feeling and finding ways to feel wealthy and abundant before the $$ grows. 

Or, another example, if I really want to feel accomplished or proud of my work and right now I'm feeling kind of doubtful and kind of disappointed, then my target is to feel accomplished or proud. 

So my mindset focus is on what I can tell myself to create the feeling of accomplishment or pride NOW.  

What can I notice, give myself credit for, or tell myself to move me closer to feeling proud? 

That might be experiences with my business, it might be experiences within parenting, it might be experiences that I haven't even thought of right now, experiences with just a stranger at Starbucks.

Once I'm in a space of feeling proud, which is an energetic field, I am then attracting back to me more feelings of being proud, more thoughts that are in alignment with being proud, and then more experiences in my life that will help me feel proud. 

So my question is: 

When you consider the outcome that you want, what is the desired feeling state that you hope it’s going to help you to feel and how can you amp up that feeling within yourself now?

What action can you take to feel that way? 

What can you tell yourself? 

What can you allow yourself?

How can you treat yourself?

Then notice what happens. When you amp up those feelings, notice what comes in. What’s it like playing on the team of the Universe?




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