Money Mindset When Expenses Hit


Mind if I ask you a money question? 

Do you ever feel like JUST when you’re making some financial progress that a bill comes your way?

Or something breaks so it’s a new expense to get it fixed or replaced?

It’s like life says, “Hey, pay for this too!”

And you’re like, “Damn! When am I ever going to get ahead?”

Just curious, do you ever feel this way? 

If so, this is when your MINDSET is crucial. 

Many hold the money mindset of “never getting ahead” and often expect another bill to hit. Then, when it does, the bill seems like justification for the “never getting ahead” story they’ve been telling. 

It becomes a useless cycle of worry, stress, telling the “never getting ahead” story, creating it, worrying more, telling the story more emphatically, and creating it even more. 

Here’s the deal: Your mindset impacts your money

If you have a “never getting ahead” mindset, we can UPGRADE IT! 

Here’s how:

1. Create a new MINDSET story. If you’re telling the “never getting ahead” story then find a NEW story that feels radically better. It could be a “I live in an abundant Universe” story or a “I don’t worry about money” story. What would feel good to you? Own that story and then let’s get practice it in the next two steps.  

2. Have a money mantra ready when an expense lands on your lap. It could be something like, “This will be okay,” or “There’s always more money,” or even, “Something really is GOOD coming from this!” Write them down (or keep this email handy) because it may be easy to forget this stuff when an expense is in your face. 

3. Practice your money mantra until you feel better. Mindset is about feeling better. When you feel better, you create something better. Your upgraded mindset may take lots of practice, but that’s okay! Keep practicing until you feel an emotional upgrade, like relaxation, ease, or even excitement. 

The next time an expense lands on your lap consider it PRACTICE for your upgraded mindset. Practice telling your new story, your new mantra, and keep practicing until you feel an emotional shift. 

Soon, you’ll feel more EASE about expenses and money AND then notice how your new, upgraded mindset is positively impacting your money too.