Out of sight. But not out of reach.


Story time.

This week, my youngest daughter lost her fashion glasses. Does she need them? No. But they’re important to her. She loves them. She needed them, couldn’t find them before school. It was a disaster.

Luckily, I have a magic ability to talk to missing things and ask them where they’re at, and I offered to use my magic power to help her find them.

They refused to talk to me.

So. Much. Stress. I went ahead and sent her out to the bus, telling her that maybe once the stress had left the building, I’d be able to listen better.

I wandered into our gym space for no real reason at all. I wasn’t headed in to get a workout or anything, I just…went. And found the glasses, right there in the Peloton’s cup holder. I know. You’re thinking where in the hell could she possibly be going with this story.

Here’s where. This whole experience got me thinking.

The stress left the room and I felt guided to the glasses. Removing the stress left me open to that guidance. Lack of self-judgement for following my intuition allowed me to listen to it.

What else could be in plain sight that we can’t see because of stress? 

What if we can actually connect to what we want and ask for guidance locating it, like me and the glasses?

What else could we connect to when the stress goes away?

It doesn’t have to just be the missing stuff in the house. It could be anything, like a different career, your next home, the healthy body you really want, whatever. 

What do you really want?

Can you talk to it? Are you open to being guided to it?

Just because you can’t find it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. 

We often find our way to the things we want the most in the quiet moments. The silence helps us hear, helps us listen. So, find a quiet place to sit and breath and tell yourself that what you want isn’t out of reach, you just may not have found it yet. 

See what happens if you can cut through the stress for just a moment, get quiet, and see what it’s telling you.






PS: Do you feel like it’s impossible to cut through the stress and find a metaphorical quiet place to listen to what the universe is telling you? 

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