The Raw Truth (Audio Blog)

I'm trying something new this week! I created an audio version of my letter this week. Click to listen:

As a coach, I have the privilege of hearing people’s stories. I’m often the listening ear to some of my client’s most vulnerable stories that are interwoven with pain and their deepest desires. 

I get to hear the raw truth. 

Listening to stories from so many different people gives me the vantage point to hear how these raw truths, pains, fears, and deep desires are so often THE SAME. 

I hear fears of inadequacy and unworthiness. 

I hear the pain of being rejected. 

And the desires to build dreams. 

I hear the mental tug-a-wars between doubt and confidence. 

And a lot of longing for permission. Permission to cry, to be angry, to not be okay, to take time off, to say no, to hold boundaries, and to sleep.

I also hear profound relief in my client’s voices when they speak words of kindness, compassion, and tenderness toward themselves. 

So often the feeling described is one of relief and of being held. Some say that they feel like they have the arms of Mother Earth wrapped around them. Others say that they feel like they’re wrapped up in a safe, cozy blanket. The images are different, but the feeling of being held is so often the same. 

I know that feeling of being held. Ironically, I’ve really felt held in times when I’ve also felt alone and afraid. 

When I had a high-risk pregnancy and went to the hospital for delivery, I felt scared and held. 

When I quit my job without direction, I felt terrified and held. 

And right now, when I feel frazzled, ungrounded, and uncertain… I still feel held.

Wait -- let me clarify, actually (I made that sound waaay too easy). 

When I feel frazzled, ungrounded, and uncertain I initially feel like the Universe has forgotten about me and I’m all alone on a raft in the middle of the ocean. It feels lonely and terrible. 

But once I notice the terrible feeling, I start taking some really deep belly breaths to relax my body. I try to get quiet by disconnecting from tech, going outside, and listening to my breath or the breeze. Then, I turn toward my fears (yeah, not away) and I greet them with tenderness. I’ll say things to myself like, “Hey girl. You’re feeling scared huh? Yeah… it’s okay. It’s okay to be feeling the way that you’re feeling. It’s a lot right now.” I focus on words of kindness and compassion, just like I might try to soothe one of my kiddos. 

And then, like an old friend showing up with a blanket, that feeling of being held returns. 

A lot of us are struggling right now, and even feeling alone in the struggle. 

I promise you, you are not alone. 

What if you knew that you were always being held? Like, you knew the Universe hadn’t forgotten about you and always had your back? Would anything be different? 

If you can’t feel that right now, that’s okay (remember, when I’m frazzled I don’t feel it either). 

So, it might help to take some deep belly breaths. 

Go outside and get quiet. 

Greet your raw truths with tenderness and literally speak kind words to yourself.

Point your focus in the direction of anything that gives you even a hint of relief. 

And know that even if you don’t feel held, you are. You’re held by the oxygen you breathe. You’re held by your own tenderness. You’re held by forces you can’t even see. 

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