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Did you know that in the 1600s the University of Cambridge closed its doors for TWO YEARS after an outbreak of the Bubonic Plague? 

During that time, Isaac Newton's academic career was put on hold.

He sought refuge in the English countryside where he developed what would become calculous and the theory of gravity and motion (while sitting beneath an apple tree).

It was a time of devastation AND a time where breakthroughs were occurring. 

We can find Ease and create breakthroughs during this time.

The first step in the formula for EASE is MINDSET. Mindset is about recognizing how your mind is thinking and finding thoughts that feel better to you, because... 

What you focus on expands.

Here are a few steps to help with your MINDSET right now:   

1) If you're feeling scared, sad, or overwhelmed right now, it's OKAY. Allow yourself to cry, go outside and scream, and recognize that your emotions are normal. You are HUMAN and this is hard. This is a mindset practice that's focused on allowing your feelings without judgment. You're supporting yourself just like you might support a friend or child. Be gentle, understanding, and self-compassionate. 

2) But then, recognize if your mind is searching for scary stories, imagining how bad the future could be, and generally trying to keep you in the place of feeling scared and overwhelmed. This is like hoarding unhelpful information because we think it will keep us safe. Take the information you need, and leave the rest. Guide your mindset away from the "black hole" of scary thoughts. 

3) Next, think about where you want to point that MINDSET and how you want to feel. You can allow yourself to feel sad and then guide yourself to feeling strong. Try pointing your mindset in the direction of stories, thoughts, images, quotes, nature, etc, that feel uplifting, inspiring, or empowering. Remember, what you focus on expands. You can also point your mindset toward the present moment and notice what's real right now (that always creates the feeling of Ease within me). What we're really going after is the mindset that creates the feeling of Ease within you. 

We are RESILIENT, CREATIVE and CAPABLE of more than we often realize.

Inspired ideas and breakthroughs are occurring and more will come just like they've done throughout time. And you're apart of that. Who knows what breakthrough you may have for your business, home or family right now!

I do know that how you focus your MINDSET will help pave the way for those ideas to come. 

PS: Sometimes an outside perspective is just what you need to make a breakthrough. If you could use some 1-1 help with stress or your business during this challenging time, sign up for a 90-min Ease Strategy Session here. We can strategize your business, wellbeing, or how to homeschool while working. Sign up here


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