Transforming Self-Doubt into Unshakable Confidence

In the world of coaching, it's easy to assume that those achieving epic feats never wrestle with self-doubt. Yet, we all do at times. The difference lies in how we confront it. 


Recently, leading up to the St. George half-marathon, I was gripped by weeks of self-doubt. Keep in mind; I've run countless half-marathons. But self-doubt has a way of sneaking up on us, making us question everything, from our choices to our abilities. 


Can you relate? I know I can. Our minds play tricks on us, but we don't have to be trapped in self-doubt. We can transform it into unshakable confidence.


So, how did I go from self-doubt to an amazing finish, tears of pride, and amazement? You can do it too. Here's a simple practice to try:


  1. **Remember Who You Are**: When self-doubt strikes, it's because you've momentarily forgotten who you truly are and what you're capable of.


  1. **Reflect on Your Triumphs**: Recall the challenges you've overcome, the odds you've defied, the miracles you’ve experienced, and the moments when you believed in possibilities over fear, and it paid off.


  1. **Speak It Aloud**: Affirm your power by saying it out loud. It doesn't matter what you say, but it's vital that you believe and feel it. If you're struggling, stay with step two until you reconnect with your inner strength.


As I stood in the dark, waiting for the St. George half marathon to begin, I imagined myself crossing the finish line with a personal record. Was it logical? Perhaps not, but it was undoubtedly possible, and I knew it in my heart. The race, which I dubbed my sacred quest, reminded me of my power, the beauty of the Earth, and our boundless potential. I achieved a record time, called my husband, and burst into tears of pride and amazement.


Believe in possibilities; I know it's possible for you too. Keep pushing your limits, keep amazing yourselves, and remember: you have the power to conquer self-doubt and turn it into unstoppable confidence.


Self-doubt is temporary. Let's keep turning toward our true selves and finding that unshakable confidence within. 💪🏃‍♀️🚀




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