You deserve more than fine.

I used to settle for fine.

My work schedule was fine. My relationships were fine. My clothes were fine. My meals were fine. My mini vacation was fine.

The truth is, it wasn't fine.

Every time I settled for fine, it kinda sucked.

I wasn't believing in myself and that was an energy DRAIN. 

I thought "fine" meant being flexible, grateful, and easy-going. And, hey, I’m often all of these great things WHEN THEY FEEL GOOD (aka: energy giving). 

But, sometimes I felt like I had to be these things because if I wasn't... oh hell. Bad news. 

FINE fits right into cultural messages, especially toward women. 

Messages like "don't be high-maintenance," "don't be pushy," and "don't be cocky" lead many women to accept FINE in their lives. 

Now, wait a second. I'm not talking about perfectionism here, because I can easily say something is "good enough" and feel great about it. 

I'm talking about when FINE makes you feel like a deflating balloon. 

Womp. Womp.

That is not the feeling we're going after.

You get this one incredible life. If you were on your deathbed, looking back at your life would you want to say, "My life was fine"? Or would you want to say "My life was fucking awesome"

Don't settle for FINE in your life. 

Don't accept "fine" in your work, your wardrobe, your relationships, your health, or your bank account, and never really feel like YOU.  

That's living outside of your truth.

Settling for fine might look easy on the surface, but if it drains your ENERGY it will lead you away from feeling ease over and over again.

But, don't take my word for it. Listen to Roy Kent (you know, from Ted Lasso), like he's talking directly to you about whatever it is you want in your life.


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