You're not stuck.


The last month-ish felt like it kicked my ass. 

It started with a sick kid that kept me up at night, a few stressful family situations, another kid home sick from school, then dental work that led to a root canal(!), and “feedback” that… ugh… sucked. 

All this while running my business, taking care of kiddos, trying to connect to my husband, making dinners, planning a birthday party, getting our roof replaced, and trying to squeeze in some self-care too. You get the idea. 

Sometimes, life can knock us off our game and feel like a suckfest. 

If you’re struggling, or feeling like Ease is stupid impossible right now, it’s alright. 

You’re not alone and this feeling is not forever. 

You’re experiencing “contrast,” or the not-so-great life experiences that actually HELP US clarify what we don’t want and, ideally, point us in the direction of what we do want. 

The tricky bit about “contrast” is that most times it doesn’t automatically point us in the direction of greatness (wouldn’t that be nice?). Instead, many of us will lock our focus on what sucks, worry about what’s next, mentallly replay shitty events, and talk to others about it, too. Then, we energetically attract more of what sucks and feel stuck.   

You’re not stuck. 

You’re just focusing on the contrast. 

And you’re forgetting for a second how POWERFUL you are, and that forgetting is suckfest. 

It’s not the crap experiences, as much as we want to blame them for suckfest, it’s forgetting your own power. 

But, that’s alright. I forgot for a second how powerful I was too, but I made my way back and you can, too. 

Even if you’re in the midst of suckfest, we can make incremental turns to pivot you in the direction of remembering how powerful you are and feeling that power again. 

Here’s the cool thing: If you feel a sense of softening or excitement by just being reminded that you’re powerful then you’re already pivoting toward Ease RIGHT NOW. 

Because you’re already making an energetic shift. 

Acknowledge that, tell yourself “I’m turning this around right now.” 

Notice that it doesn’t take a great amount of time, but just a bit of focus toward what thought or action FEELS BETTER. 

I spoke about this in last week’s FB Live, “Leave Hustle Behind,” that you can check out right here. I’m going to continue talking about leading with Heart and living with Ease each Thursday @ 12pm Pacific right here

I’d love to have you join me and to answer your questions, too. Leave a comment and ask me anything (from business questions to your mother-in-law -- I love it all!) or request a topic that you’d like me to cover. 

Hope to see you soon!



PS: Feeling stuck and overwhelmed with your goals? That’s alright too. Join me and Business Design expert, Carmen Schreffler, this Wednesday, February 26th @ 10AM Pacific as we discuss the mindset blocks that keep us stuck and overwhelmed. We’ll also share ways to build momentum to move goals from “to-do’s” to DONE! Click here to register.



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