Your truth might feel scary.

Maybe you made plans for your business, your body, or your life at the beginning of this year (I did), and maaaaybe…. those plans went sideways (mine did). 

You might feel like you’ve been buried in a dark place, but listen, maybe you’ve actually been planted for something better than you’ve planned.  

Let me explain. 

Sometimes, we make plans based on what we think will bring us happiness, like more money, a better body, or bigger accomplishments. 

And, then life smacks you in the face with a family illness, or loss, or just “life” that makes you feel tired, sad, angry, afraid, and confused.  

This doesn’t mean that you’re off course from an incredible life!

It might actually be an opportunity to connect more deeply with your heart and with your truth, because there is a voice within you right now that knows what you really, really want in life and is guiding you toward it. 

Listening to that voice can be absolutely terrifying because it might tell you that you need to make some serious changes, like quitting your job, leaving a relationship, or asking for help. 

This voice within you doesn’t give a shit if your truth doesn’t look Instagram-ready. 

It doesn’t care if your truth is the fucking opposite of the messages we’re constantly fed to do more, crush more, and acquire more. 

It might tell you to do less, be more vulnerable, and let some things go. 

Still, this voice of your heart will not lead you astray from your deepest desires. 

It will lead you toward a life of meaning. 

It will lead you toward peace, even when your heart feels broken. 

It will lead you toward community, especially when you need your fellow travelers the most. 

It will lead you to moments of feeling profoundly alive and full of joy. 

And, you know the hardest, most badass thing that you are going to be asked to do? 

It’s to listen

Get quiet and listen

Put away your phone and listen

Suspend your fears of what “people” will think and listen

Breathe and listen.





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