This blog post will probably miss the mark...

Because in the United States today is Mother’s Day and, at least from my kid’s perspective, I often miss the mark. 

They’ll tell you that I say the wrong things. And that I do too much, but sometimes I do too little. 

I listen when they want advice, and then I give advice when they just want me to listen. 

I speak in a mean voice out of exhaustion and frustration, and then crouch down with warmth and apologize for it afterward. 

Yes, it’s true that I fart in their bed when we snuggle. 

But it’s not true that my dance skills aren’t good (okay, I can’t twerk). They’d say that I sing too loud in the car, and that I often embarrass myself, especially around other kids (you’re welcome, kids). 

I’m totally imperfect, and I’m sure that they’d also tell you that sometimes I’m just right. 

Maybe like Mother’s Day, or like much of life, really. Totally imperfect, but sometimes just right.

Because it’s BOTH. AND. Meaning, today might feel joyful and sad. 

It might be filled with memories that make your heart ache and ones that make you close your eyes and smile. 

Because life is complicated and days like today can make us think about life and family and time and times past. It can all be breathtaking and heart breaking, but our job as humans is to celebrate love and be tender with our own hearts for where we hurt. 

(Raising a glass to my fellow mamas) 

Here’s to my gorgeous, fellow imperfect mamas out there doing one of the hardest jobs on the planet. Give yourself some love. Cut yourself some slack. You’ve probably done many things you wished you’d done differently, and some things just right. 


Big hugs to you all, 


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