You're not running alone.

Last week was tough. 

The school year for my kids ended, camp started, one kid got really sick, another family member’s chronic illness… well… remained chronic, and then we unexpectedly lost a family friend. 

Oof. Life felt super heavy. 

It was Friday morning and I eagerly met up with my run club buddies to have some feel-good “me time.” We headed out on our run, but then I found myself beginning to cry at every stop light. It was like my body wanted to move my emotions out on that run. 

A few of my super-fast running buddies waited at a light, not knowing about my week or what was up with me that morning, and casually asked how I was feeling. I just said that I was feeling like I was gonna cry. 

“Then you’re not running alone.” one said. 

There I was, about 5 miles from homebase with three women standing around me nodding and saying that someone would be with me for the rest of the run. 

This got me thinking… A LOT.

Okay, first, how fucking beautiful is this? 

I was prepared to run the whole distance and quietly cry alone and think nothing of it. 

“Running alone” is where many of us go down paths of struggle, overwhelm, and unfulfillment in life and business.

Our culture celebrates crushing accomplishments on your own and not letting other people see you struggle

How many times have you heard an entrepreneur say how they built their business by themselves? 

So, it’s easy to believe that we’re supposed to figure out this “life thing” or “work thing” or “relationship thing” or “business thing” alone. 

We’ve been so conditioned in this way that many of us (like me) often don’t even think to ask for support. 

That’s backwards. 

We’re not supposed to do this alone. 

We humans are pack animals. It’s in our DNA to be together, to help one another, to lift each other up and to be in community when we struggle. 

We live better when we live together. 

So, here’s my challenge for you: 

Create an environment in your life where you’re not gonna run alone. 

I know that might seem really easy to say, and hard to do, but this can be the long-goal, right? This can be the thing that you’re building

How the hell do you build an environment like this? 

Be VULNERABLE. Ugh. I know. I get nervous too. It’s okay. Vulnerability takes courage. Courage is badass. Plus we can do it together. 

Here are some potentially vulnerable steps: 

  • Talk to a friend you haven’t connected with in a while. 
  • Meet up with a friend or work colleague in person. 
  • Reach out to someone you feel connected with, but haven’t connected with one-on-one.
  • Ask for support. This could be asking a friend, your partner, a mentor - loads of options - but start by asking. 
  • Join a run club. :) 

This isn’t easy, but no one said that living with more ease was easy. But it is worth it, and it will make you feel more alive in your life. 





PS: Are you a coach and tired of “running alone”? You don’t have to! Fireside Mentorship for Coaches is the place the equivalent of a “run club” for coaches. Get support, make friends, laugh, and get exclusive access to our in-person gatherings! Learn more here.


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