Finding Peace

Didn't life feel differently a month ago?

On March 11th it seems like we went from a Coronavirus outbreak to a Global Pandemic overnight. 

Over the last few weeks, we started social distancing and wearing masks. Learning how to homeschool and work from home. Or, file for unemployment. We’ve seen businesses close their doors, knowing that they may not open again. And, toilet paper is still hard to come by.

Many of us have felt our PRIMAL survival instincts take over and have been overwhelmed by what we’re facing and what’s next.

But, we can still find Ease during this Global Pandemic.

We can. And we will. And I’ll be here to help you do it.

Today, I want to remind you about the WORLDS we live in.

Yes, I did say WORLDS, because there’s actually two: Your outer world and your inner world

Your OUTER world is what you can see, smell, taste, touch, and hear. It’s physical in nature. It’s your workload, the numbers on the news,...

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It's Ok To Stop.

When this whole “thing” happened (schools closed, husband working at home, stay at home orders, etc) I started to HUSTLE again. I toughened up, tried to ignore my stress, and prepared to sacrifice. 

Within a few days, I felt physical pain, exhaustion, mental fuzziness, and like I could cry or scream at the drop of a hat.

unnamed (2).jpg

One afternoon I put my head down on the kitchen table and said to my husband, “I feel like I’m running a marathon that I didn’t train for, didn’t register for, but have been forced to run and now it’s mile 5 and I’ve hit the wall.”  

In his oh-so-brilliant-way, my husband asked me, “So what do you do?”

“I don’t know. I can’t STOP! It’s not like I can sit down in the middle of a race,” I replied. 

To which he responded, "WHY NOT?” 

Many of us are responding just like I did saying, “I can’t...

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It's okay to feel sad

Just before I kiss my daughter goodnight is when she tends to spill her guts to me. 

Last night, she asked if she could play with her cousin this weekend. I said that we're going to do a video call with the whole family in the next couple of days. 

She burst into tears. 

On the surface, my seven-year-old has seemed pretty adaptable and cheerful with the life changes over the last few weeks, but underneath it all, she's really sad. 

If you're feeling sad right now, I'll tell you what I told her, I feel sad right now too. And, it's okay to feel sad. 

Collectively, we've experienced a lot of loss over the last few weeks.

I find myself missing the simple, normal, routines in life, like walking my daughter to the bus, working out at the gym, and strolling down the aisles of the grocery store.

I miss hugging my parents, going out to eat, and taking my girls to the playground. 

All of these things represent life as I knew it....

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This Inspired Me

Did you know that in the 1600s the University of Cambridge closed its doors for TWO YEARS after an outbreak of the Bubonic Plague? 

During that time, Isaac Newton's academic career was put on hold.

He sought refuge in the English countryside where he developed what would become calculous and the theory of gravity and motion (while sitting beneath an apple tree).

It was a time of devastation AND a time where breakthroughs were occurring. 

We can find Ease and create breakthroughs during this time.

The first step in the formula for EASE is MINDSET. Mindset is about recognizing how your mind is thinking and finding thoughts that feel better to you, because... 

What you focus on expands.

Here are a few steps to help with your MINDSET right now:   

1) If you're feeling scared, sad, or overwhelmed right now, it's OKAY. Allow yourself to cry, go outside and scream, and recognize that your emotions are normal. You are HUMAN...

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It’s alright. We can find Ease during a Pandemic.

Didn't life feel differently a week ago?

It seems like we went from a Coronavirus outbreak to a Global Pandemic overnight. 

Now, we’re social distancing. Schools are closing. People are working from home. The stock market is plunging, and you can’t even buy toilet paper at Costco! 

And none of us have EVER experienced this before in our lifetime. 

It can be really scary and overwhelming. Many of us are feeling our PRIMAL survival instincts firing up, and then we're preparing, imagining what's next, and trying to keep calm and carry on.  

So, how in the hell can we find EASE when we’re in the middle of a Global PANDEMIC?

We can. And we will. And I’ll be here to help you do it.

Today, let’s talk about the worlds we live in. 

Yes, I did say WORLDS, because there’s actually two: Your outer world and your inner world

Your outer world is what you can see, smell, taste, touch, and hear. It’s physical in nature....

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Don't worry. It's already done.

Stress can seem like an inevitable part of life. We’ve almost always got a full plate, and it can really wear us down. It can be so hard to get out from under it all.

What’s worse, managing stress can seem like another task we’ve got to add to our to-do lists. It can be a vicious cycle that’s tough to break free from.

One of the most effective strategies I use myself and share with my clients is to tell yourself the task is already done.

Let me explain.

When I was in college, I was having a difficult time completing a story for a fiction writing course I was taking. I decided to tell myself that the story was already done, I simply had to get it from the non-physical “storyworld” on the page. I had to relax and let it come to me. “Whew, thank goodness this story is already done!” I told myself. The pressure was off and the story came to me. 

I didn’t necessarily realize it at the time, but this strategy definitely makes a...

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Fill Your Cup First to Escape Chronic Stress

Sometimes when we’re stressed, we enter a sort of survival mode. We just do what we have to do to get through, to move on to the next task, to get through the day.

The week.

The month.

If we’re not careful, the month turns into a year and one day we look up and realize that stress is just eating away at us. Sometimes literally. It’s bad for our bodies. It’s bad for our minds. It’s bad for the people we love and care about.

We don’t have to embrace the stress and accept it as a part of our lives, though. There are some things we can do to escape the chronic stress that so many of us live with at some point in time.

I’ll share a few tips for unburdening yourself of chronic stress that runs your life over the next few weeks. I use these techniques in my own life and I share them with my clients, so they’re kind of tried and true.

The first tip is fill your cup first.

You’ve probably heard it the saying, “You can’t pour...

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You're not stuck.


The last month-ish felt like it kicked my ass. 

It started with a sick kid that kept me up at night, a few stressful family situations, another kid home sick from school, then dental work that led to a root canal(!), and “feedback” that… ugh… sucked. 

All this while running my business, taking care of kiddos, trying to connect to my husband, making dinners, planning a birthday party, getting our roof replaced, and trying to squeeze in some self-care too. You get the idea. 

Sometimes, life can knock us off our game and feel like a suckfest. 

If you’re struggling, or feeling like Ease is stupid impossible right now, it’s alright. 

You’re not alone and this feeling is not forever. 

You’re experiencing “contrast,” or the not-so-great life experiences that actually HELP US clarify what we don’t want and, ideally, point us in the direction of what we do want. 

The tricky bit about...

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Do you feel confident in new ventures?

For many, confidence is hit or miss.

And it can really be a tricky target when in a phase of growth. That’s what my client, Dani, experienced when she was asked to consider moving into a Director role in her work. 

Dani’s been wanting to grow as a leader and to contribute to her company in new ways, but she’s also felt crushing fear.

In a recent meeting, she feared that she didn't know what she was doing, that others were able to think faster, and that she could make big mistakes that could even get her fired. 

Her confidence sank and she became completely overwhelmed, only adding to her fear that she wasn’t capable of doing the role. This cycle of fear, stress, overwhelm and back to fear seemed like a trap she couldn’t escape. 

We shifted it, though. 

Dani and I did an exercise aimed at slowing the momentum of her fearful thoughts and feelings, and helping her to access an empowered mindset. 

I asked Dani to imagine herself as...

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Ready for ah-mazing surprises?

Happy New Year! I hope that 2020 is treating you well so far! 

Okay, I have a question for you (and please feel free to reply with your answers!)… 

If today were actually January 12, 2021 and I asked you to tell me about 2020, what would you tell me about the year? 

Let’s take our time with this one. 

Close your eyes. 

Imagine yourself in January 2021 looking back on 2020 and thinking about what kind of year you experienced. 

And… psst… don’t hold back from dreaming really good stuff! You are limitless and life is full of amazing surprises, so imagine what could be possible in 2020. 

What did you accomplish? 

What do you feel so proud of? 

What were your obstacles? 

How did you overcome them? 

What were some ah-mazing surprises? 

Write down your answers. Better yet, respond to this email right now with your answers (that increases the momentum of the energy you just created). 

When you...

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