Peace is whispering your name

When I was a little girl we’d drive out to my grandpa’s house every Christmas Eve.

We’d take the “back roads,” which were all country, leading us from the Portland suburbs and deep into Oregon farmland.

The entire drive would be pitch black, until we’d see a farmhouse completely lit up in Christmas lights.

It felt like a spectacle of lights put on just for us.

I’d squeal with excitement and press my face against the window while begging my dad to slow the car so that I could lock my eyes on the lights a little longer.

It all felt so simple and peaceful.

Kinda magical too.

For many of us, Christmas can feel more complex these days. Joy might sit right next to grief, or be tangled with stress, or fears of what’s next.  

For some, it can feel more like a drive through darkness while still trying to wear a happy face.

There is still light, though.

A light that feels peaceful and, sometimes, kinda magical.

But it isn’t out the...

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Why you want to be day-dreaming

Did you see the last season of the Great British Baking show?

And, did you catch what David said in the beginning of the last episode?! 

I’ll fill you in. 

David was considered the underdog in the finale having never won star baker. Steph and Alice had both won star baker several times and definitely seemed to be (let’s be honest) stronger bakers.  

Then, David walked into the tent for the finale and shared, “I’ve had day-dreams about winning for 10 years.” 

That’s when I put my money on David (and I totally wanted Steph to win). 

David visualized winning. He replayed it in his head and experienced the win before walking into the tent. And he did this for 10 YEARS!

We all day-dream, but unfortunately many of us are unconsciously day-dreaming about what we fear will happen or what we want to avoid

Consequently, this can easily trigger a stress response in the mind and body, and even create the very scenario...

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Living the dream and not realizing it?

I vividly remember the day that I got the keys to my first apartment.  

It was a studio, probably 400-square feet and I LOVED IT. I had my OWN place. My own kitchen, my own bathroom, and my own front door where I could hang a wreath at Christmas time. 

It felt like I was living the dream. Until, I thought that having a one-bedroom would be nice. 

A year or so later, a one bedroom in my apartment building opened up and I snatched that opportunity, moved down the hall and I LOVED IT. I had a proper living room, larger kitchen and a hallway to my bedroom! 

It felt like I was really living the dream. Until, my friends started buying houses and I thought it would be nice to own my own place. 

Several years later my husband (actually, he was my fiancé at the time) and I bought our first house together. 

That house -- our very first home purchase -- was a brand new home. It was a townhouse with super eco-friendly everything, a staircase to the...

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The biggest misconception about Ease

Question: What comes to mind when I say “Living and working with Ease”? 

Do you imagine lying on the couch, eating popcorn, watching the Great British Baking Show, and magically manifesting your dreams? 

A lot of people think this is what “Ease” looks like. 

So, they try “Ease” for a little while, often feeling guilty for the indulgence of it all. Then, they notice that they’re not accomplishing much, other than another completed season of Bake Show. 

This is when I hear, “I don’t get it! I’m following Ease! How am I supposed to grow my business and follow Ease?” 

The biggest misconception about “Ease” is that it LOOKS a certain way, but really Ease FEELS a certain way. 

Ease feels like presence, connection to your Inner Being, and flow. It feels like, well, ease.

You can experience Ease while doing things that many would believe require extreme effort, like running a...

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When Meghan started to lead with her heart

Let me tell you a little story. 

I have this client, Meghan. 

She’s a total badass in so many areas of her life. She started her own thriving business, she’s a loving mom, she’s smart, creative, funny -- you get the picture -- she’s awesome. 

But, Meghan is also super hard on herself. 

She wants to deliver her “best” work to her business because she secretly fears looking like an idiot if things don’t go well. 

She also wants to be the “best” mom to her kids because she loves them so much and thinks that’s what they deserve. 

The challenge? 

Meghan is HUMAN! 

And she gets all of the goods that come with being human. Like, being imperfect. She gets tired and frustrated. She makes mistakes. She doesn’t know what to do. She gets annoyed by her kids. 

Then, she beats herself up for it. 

A lot of us, like Meghan, forget that we’re imperfect humans. We forget to cut...

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What am I doing?

“What in the hell am I doing?” Do you ever ask yourself this? 

You’re not alone. 

A lot of us don’t actually know what we’re doing when we’re in the middle of doing something. 

We’re busy throughout our day, going from one thing to the next, thinking about what we “should” be doing, but not considering what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. 

It’s called unconscious action. 

It’s often fear-driven and repetitive, and can lead to feelings of stress and overwhelm. 

Even browsing social media can be an unconscious, fear-driven action that leads to stress and overwhelm. 

On the flip side is conscious action. 

Conscious action is intentional. You know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. 

It’s intentional and often inspired, and can lead to feelings of eagerness, accomplishment, and ease.  

The challenge that many of us run into is...

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buh bye doubt

If you ever feel discouraged, frustrated and majorly filled with self-doubt, you’re not alone. 

Whether you’re trying to grow your biz or help your kids with their challenges, we can all find ourselves feeling self-doubt. 

But, there are tools to help you shift out of those feelings and into feeling optimism, ease, and confidence!

Today we’re gonna talk about MINDSET, which is the first facet of the Formula for Ease. I’ll also give you TWO quick tools to help you shift your mindset for more ease. 

Your mindset is the way you see the world. It is shaped by the thoughts you have about yourself and situations. 

There are EMPOWERED mindsets and DISEMPOWERED mindsets. 

Empowered mindsets are expansive, adaptive, and confident. It may be no surprise that empowered mindsets feel good! 

In contrast, disempowered mindsets are more narrow, fixed, and limited in their perspective of possibilities. 

Disempowered mindsets don’t...

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There is a Better Way

It was like stepping back in time. 

My old college campus and the streets of lower Manhattan looked exactly the way they did when I last walked them 17-years ago, except a little different.

Still, it felt like I could have opened a door and walked into a building as my college-aged self. 

Some things were different. But, so much was the same. 

My college-aged self knew that anything was possible and believed that she could be or do anything

And, at Sarah Lawrence, this thinking was normal and encouraged

I saw that easy sense of empowerment still represented in the brand new Barbara Walter’s building. Her awards and photos were like a symbol that spoke, “You can do anything.” 

I knew that back then, and thankfully I still believe it today. 

But, here’s what’s different. 

Back then I didn’t always know HOW

HOW could I be or do anything? 


In college I figured the answer was to work my ass...

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It's like my cousin Vinny

Do you remember this scene from My Cousin Vinny?

Doesn’t LIFE feel like this sometimes?

It’s work, extra meetings, travel, a kid not sleeping, an appliance breaking, and more emails than you can read in a day. Plus, trying to get a workout in or going to bed at a reasonable hour.

Do you relate?

Oh my gosh… I do!

So, what do we do when life feels like shit keeps piling on top of shit?

Most of us make the mistake of acting from a place of fear, stress and overwhelm. We trade in ease for hustle.

It’s so easy to do because this is the cultural norm. It’s what many of us have been taught to do, and how we often measure success!

But, I know that “behind the scenes” it can be a big time struggle. It can feel like you’re one phone call or email away from sounding like Joe Pesci and losing your mind.


It may surprise you, but when life gets crazy it becomes THE TIME to double-down on EASE.

PRIORITIZING things like...
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Confession time

Okay, confession time. 

A few days ago I sent out an email about my “someday, maybe” I’ll go back to New York and how it became my “someday soon, absolutely!” If you missed it, check it out right here

My “it’s gonna happen!” feeling is AH-MAZING. Don’t get me wrong. 

But, let’s be real. 

I’ve had mom-guilt about the trip. 

I’m leaving my babies and flying 3,000 miles away. 

My youngest cried the last time I left her at my parent’s house to go out to dinner! And then when I got home she told me how much she missed me. 

And I’m leaving for days

I’ve wondered how hard it might be for the girls and for my husband too. 

I’ve wondered how much I might miss them. 

I’ve thought about how my mom never took trips like this when I was little. It seems like I always had the comfort of knowing mom was home. 

Yup, mom-guilt. 


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