When life feels hard, remember this . . .

Let me tell you a story…

Jeremy Brown is a professional baseball player.

He’s a 240 lb catcher.

And, speed is not Jeremy’s friend.

He’s terrified to run to second base and NEVER does it.

Here’s what happens: Jeremy gets up to bat and is pitched a fastball right down the center.

He swings, hits the ball and then DECIDES to do what he NEVER does and he GOES FOR IT.

He passes first base to GO FOR second.

But THEN, he trips and FALLS. He rolls in the dirt and scrambles back to first base.

This was Jeremy’s worst NIGHTMARE come to life.

People were literally laughing at him.

BUT, Jeremy didn’t realize something.

He didn’t realize that the ball went 60 feet over the fence.

He’d actually hit a HOME RUN.

You may not realize it, but this could be your story.

Because, a lot of us do what Jeremy did:

Play it safe.

Decide to go for it.

Trip and fall.

Feel like a failure.

And beat ourselves up for it.

And what most of us don’t realize in these moments is that what might seem like failure, is actually a HOME RUN. 

You might feel like your worst nightmare is coming to life, but it’s actually the Universe pointing you toward the incredible

Instead of beating yourself up, PAUSE and ask yourself:
“What if I actually hit a home run?
The Universe is pointing me toward the incredible, what could it be?” 


The Universe has your back and is ALWAYS pointing you toward the incredible, even when it doesn’t seem like it AT ALL.   

If something sucks in your life right now, practice seeing it as a road sign pointing you toward the incredible.

You might see the whole situation differently, or you might realize that nothing is happening TO YOU, it’s happening FOR YOU

If you can remind yourself that, and feel some relief from it, let me tell ya… you hit a home run.



PS: Wanna see the video clip of Jeremy Brown? Check it out right here. It's a scene from one of my favorite inspirational movies, Moneyball. 

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When I was in college I started playing this sort of “game” with a friend of mine.

It started with one of us doing something stupid.

Or, at least, doing something that our then late-teen/early-twenty-year-old brain thought was a good idea.

Then some sort of colossal failure or embarrassment would follow.

Like, the time that I actually boarded the WRONG FLIGHT and realized I was on my way to San Antonio rather than Portland in just the nick of time.

Or, the time that I strutted in my new boots only to TRIP AND FALL in the middle of the outdoor dining space while the bagel and cream cheese I was holding slid across the patio.

These were the moments when we’d find the other and say with a grin, “Oh man… you’ll never believe what happened!”

We’d both be nearly laughing even before hearing the story, because we knew that failure was funny.

The worse the story got, the funnier it became.

I started to find myself in the middle of craziness thinking, “this story just keeps getting better and better!”

Since then, I’ve caught myself taking the craziness of life pretty seriously.

When my toddler emptied the Cheerios container on the floor, and started throwing them like confetti, it didn’t seem funny at first.

Or, when we had a tv, microwave, and cell phone all break within a few days and then ended the week with lice coming home from school… it didn’t seem so funny.  

Until, I called up my ol’ college friend and told her these stories and we were both laughing hysterically.

It’s all kinda funny, isn’t it?

But, a lot of us are taking it pretty seriously.

What if we’re here in this human experience to have a good time, laugh at ourselves, mix it up, make mistakes, feel like crap, have a good laugh at it and try again?

Maybe busyness, failures or annoyances are just material for a FUNNY STORY.

Your life — with all of the busyness, crazy characters, and mishaps — is a GREAT STORY.

And humor is lurking everywhere.

Even if you’re going through really hard stuff, humor is lurking, and it’s okay to laugh.  

I’ve seen humor appear like a divine slice of light in some dark moments.

In those moments humor can feel like love and a reminder that it’s alright.

We’re human.

We’re funny creators.

And life can be hard and funny too.

Your life is a great story.

Look for humor in the crazy. Look for humor in the “I can’t believe this is happening” moments.

When you start to look for humor you might find yourself telling someone with a smile, “You’ll never believe what happened!”

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PS: Have a funny, embarrassing, or ridiculous story from your life? POST IT! Sharing it with someone, even in written form with me, can shift the energy from serious to hilarious. And that’s something to love.

Your 2019 Picture: WHAT IF…?

This is right about the time in January where any “New Year” buzz begins to fade right along with most resolutions too.

Life begins to look like it did… again.

But, WHAT IF today were different?

WHAT IF today you realized that you could do more than you’ve imagined?

And then, WHAT IF today turned into a fulfilling tomorrow, and then an incredible week?

WHAT IF a whole month felt different?

WHAT IF you looked back at 2019 and realized it was the year where you took ownership of your life and felt empowered.

And you made changes.

And you lived differently.

And it was easier than you imagined.

WHAT IF you realized that you are the dreamer of your dreams and instead of letting life "happen to you," you felt like you created a life that’s an incredible adventure for you?


Most of us don't say “WHAT IF” to ponder the incredible.

Instead, most are looking at WHAT IS or what HAS BEEN and expecting more of the same.

What does that create? More of the same.

Spend less time looking at what is, or what has been, and more time dreaming of what COULD BE.

Say “WHAT IF” to ideas that feel joyful and exciting.


“WHAT IF creating this business were easier than I’m imagining.”

WHAT IF I felt better and better as I aged.”

“WHAT IF limitations were bogus.”

“You must find a place in yourself where nothing is impossible.”
— Deepak Chopra

What might your 2019 picture hold if you started asking, “WHAT IF…”?  

Let’s start forming your 2019 picture right now.

Complete this sentence “WHAT IF …”

Hold onto whatever you wrote. Part of you knows that whatever you wrote is possible.

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AMAZING has your name written all over it

“Everything feels like a mess. I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t love my job, parenting feels hard, I love my husband… but we’re not connecting.”

This was my client, Kate, about a year ago. She came to our first session feeling helpless.

It all felt like a confusing road and she’d lost her way. But today, Kate looks back at this last year with amazement.

She knows herself in a way she never has before.

She speaks her mind.

She protects time for daily yoga and meditation.

She feels connected to her children and husband on a deeper level, and she sits in meetings confidently when she used to sweat with stress.

“Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with how amazing things are!” she said in our last session, “I  know what I want so much that I keep welling up with happy tears (laughing).”

A lot can change in one year.

You really can make 2019 what you want.

It’s not hype. It’s not BS.  

I’m just telling you what I’ve seen in the dozens of clients I’ve worked with this last year, and I’m telling you that it’s possible for you too.

If your road feels confusing, we can make it clear.

Let's start here: 

Ask yourself this: What would amaze me if it happened this year?

Write it down. Look at it.

That’s possible for you.

Here’s to starting 2019 with the spirit of possibility!

I can’t wait to see what you create this year. 

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“I don’t know… there are a lot of goals that I didn’t meet this year,” my client Meghan said.

“We didn’t meet our goals at work, and we could have saved more money at home, and (sigh) I’m still not getting up as early as I’d like.”

This was coming from a woman who, in the last year, accepted a layoff with grace and optimism, and then landed a new job within four weeks!

She also found her love of painting again.

She initiated communication changes at her daughter’s school.

And found a level of body confidence that she’s never had before.

She started going on monthly dates with her husband.

And hired a contractor to break ground on her bathroom remodel dream.

But, in that moment, Meghan forgot all of that.

She was in a moment of looking at what hadn’t happened. And that’s what she saw.

So, we redirected her focus to what happened in 2018 that made her feel proud.

“Oh, I feel like a totally different person,” Meghan said. Then, accomplishments, changes, “ah-ha” moments, and surprises started pouring out of her.

“I stopped putting others needs before my own,” she said, “and made changes to find ME and feel more like me. That’s huge. That’s number one.”

If you’re looking back at 2018 and thinking about what didn’t happen, then redirect your focus to what makes you feel PROUD.

What did you learn?

What did you create?

What did you survive?

Who did you meet?  

Write a list of WHAT YOU DID -- big and small -- and take that PROUD energy into the New Year.

THAT’S the energy that will create MORE PROUD moments for you.

You’ll be kicking off this New Year feeling proud about what you did in 2018 and empowered to do more amazing things in 2019.

Here’s to a MAGICAL New Year filled with ease, accomplishments, “ah-ha” moments, and surprises for you.


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